Glyph Quest Chronicles is coming!


The makers of Glyph Quest and Super Glyph Quest are back with the definitive instalment of the series: Glyph Quest Chronicles.

A match 3 inspired spell casting puzzle RPG, with hundreds of adventures to embark on.  Slay adorable monsters, collect fabulous familiars and customize your play with new gear and element manipulating accoutrements.

Glyph Quest Chronicles focuses on more magical puzzle action than ever before, with new spells and tactics to learn and new foes and game modes to master.  Chronicles is Glyph Quest distilled to it’s purest form.  Concentrated adventure action, over and over again.

Glyph Quest Chronicles

Leanne from We Heart Dragons talks about the Glyph Quest journey:

When we started making Glyph Quest, it was because we wanted to make a puzzle game akin to those we were voraciously consuming.  Something with catchy mechanics, something we couldn’t put down, something we would find fun.  And in a really very short (and intense) crunch we created a game that ticked all of those boxes.  But only just.

We had unfinished business, and the problem with making a game which you want to have ‘just one more go’ of is you want one more go.  So we made another.

Super Glyph Quest was our follow up title, with much more of everything.  Quests, glyphs, monsters – more content than you could shake a stick at.  The tick boxes had been refreshed and we righted many wrongs with the first game.  But we lost something along the way.  All the extra gubbins distracted from the fun bit.  So we wanted another crack of the whip.

And here we are.  3 is the lucky number or so they say and Glyph Quest Chronicles represents the most ambitious chapter yet.  Not because we want to change it, because we want more of the core.  More options, more tactics, more ways to customize your gameplay and more of the things we and our fans found to be fun.

The experience we wanted just one more go of.


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