This time next year…

Glyph Quest Chronicles is drawing tantalisingly near to completion. There’s still plenty of i dotting and t crossing and a spot of balancing to get everything Just Right, but we’re so close.

It’s at times like these when we start to think: What If?

What If this game is a success? Success, in this case, means Makes Enough Money That Our Publisher Breaks Even And We Start Seeing Some Revenue Share. If that’s the case then we can continue this great indie adventure.

But what if it does a bit better than that? What if it brings in money that doesn’t immediately have to be spent on rent and food and keeping Willow alive? What do we do then? I’m not talking CSR / Monument Valley / Pokemon Go levels of cash – although I do regularly play Fantasy House Buyer once or twice a week just in case – but enough so that we can consider it ‘disposable’.

With that in mind, we have collated a list. A list of things to buy to celebrate our Great Success.

  1. A Medium-Sized Pan. We had a set of three pans – small, medium and large. Poor ol’ medium got on the wrong side of a neglected pasta meal one time and had to be binned off. There have been countless times since then that we have required a pan somewhere between small and large and Leanne has never let me forget it.
  2. A slap-up meal. There’s this little restaurant that we keep passing on the way to the local Lidl. It looks nice. Maybe when we’ve got the cash we’ll trick some people into coming over and babysitting whilst we go out for dinner.
  3. A plasterer. Sure, we’ve already got all of the stuff we think we need to repair the walls in Willow’s room so that we can paint them up, but let’s be honest – we don’t have the first clue about plastering. It will probably be a good idea to get someone in to do it for us or, more correctly, repair the botch job we did in their absence.
  4. An electrician. Along similar lines, our kitchen keeps turning itself off. We don’t know why, nor do we feel even remotely qualified to look into it ourselves.
  5. A PS4. Not just a PS4, but a PS4 with two copies of Dark Souls III so we can finally play it.
  6. A PC. Something with a bit of grunt to it that means that we’re not just limited to making iOS titles for the rest of our career. If it can handle Elite Dangerous in VR then so much the better…
  7. A pair of laptops. Leanne’s has finally given up the ghost and mine has almost completely fallen apart, we’re not looking at top of the line gaming laptops here just something we can game jam on.
  8. A slimline dishwasher. I don’t like washing up. I like to leave it until it develops both sentience and a sense of self image before it decides to wash itself up on its own accord. Our kitchen is also tiny, hence slimline.

Such luxuries, much indulgent, list wow. Not what you were expecting huh?

– Alex

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