August’s #ScreenShotSaturday round up

Another month, another bunch of #ScreenShotSaturday posts to look over!  In August we looked at Glyph animations, merchandise and the Summons!

Glyph Animations


We’ve been thinking a lot about the Glyphs and how to keep the Spell Board interesting.  We have a lot more Spell Effects that will change their appearance such as Burn, Infect and Power Up but we wanted to keep the Glyphs ‘alive’ and so started playing around with animations for them.

Inspired by my love of Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move I drew up a little test animation for the Moon Glyph to be triggered occasionally.  And whilst we are loving the look, it’s proving a lot harder to implement.

So Glyph Animations are on the back burner for now.  We hope they’ll make it into launch but may have to wait for a later update.



Legends of Gaming Live is coming up and so it was time to order new merch to give away!  This time we are going for badges, stickers and for a very lucky few, T-shirts!  Here we shared the badge designs featuring all our lovely ladies.  So if you are coming along to Legends of Gaming Live, come and find us in the Indie Zone for your chance to win a prize!

The Summons

Promoted now to 6 Glyphs, the Summons are powerful Elemental allies that join you in combat.  On Summoning, the Elemental will cast a powerful spell and then stay with you and power up all Glyphs of their Element!  After casting Spells using 6 of those Power Up Glyphs the Elemental will leave the fight, casting one more powerful spell!


Some of the Summons for Chronicles are all new and some are returning characters, so far picking a favorite has been quite the challenge!  The Phoenix, Sun Knight, Djinn, Heart of the Forest and Cthuttlefish all reprise their roles as Summons.  The Reaper and Golem step down to make way for the Moon Moth and Gaia.  Finally Demon Lord Zubzebub has been promoted from lowly NPC to glorious Elemental and is the new Summon for Arcane.


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– Leanne.

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