Introducing Richard Reed’s Space Krieg

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The latest project from We Heart Dragons to hit the expo floor. Still very much a work in progress as we refine our pitch and hunt for project funding, Space Krieg is our latest title to reach first playable and as it’s a multiplayer battle arena game what better way to test some theories than by taking the game on tour?

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.35.39

So what exactly is Space Krieg?

Well let’s start by giving it it’s full title – Richard Reed’s Space Krieg. Richard worked with Alex way, way (way) back in the day and is the original creator of Space Krieg, a demo he put together and toured the off shoot studios following the fall of Bullfrog. Sadly we lost Richard to cancer before he could finish the game, but it is a project that has been slowly simmering on the back burners of Alex’s mind.  Now we take up the mantle and do our best to honour Richard’s memory whilst bringing Krieg to a new generation of gamers.

Space Krieg is a turn based tactical dog fighting MOBA, in space.

Clarification – MOBA as in online battle arena not DOTA clone, there’s no minions, jungling or stutter stepping here.

‘Did you just say turn based multiplayer online battle arena?’ Yes, yes we did. The game is played in an arena (in space), you pilot space ships in a team, all working together to beat the other team. Movement, attacks and evasive manoeuvres are mapped out in the ‘input phase’ for all players at the same time – whilst inputting your turn, time halts to an almost stop (kinda like bullet time – super slow mo) and then time speeds up to real time as these moves are played out for all players at the same time in the ‘playback phase’.  And then we go back to the ‘input phase’. With me so far? So yes it is turn based but with all players taking turns at the same time, we call it ‘real-turn’ (real time, turn based see).


So as you can see, there’s a lot to take in. Space Krieg doesn’t play like your average MOBA, will people get behind the stop/start gameplay? Does it appeal to the current generation of gamers? Is it fun to watch? We have questions. So after a few months of jamming and bashing together a demo we hope to find some answers to our questions.

– Logo and Kriegshunde designed by Adam Bayley

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