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“We have a motto; ‘Arida Sepium Est’ or ‘it is Dried Cuttlefish’!  After our first game, Glyph Quest was reviewed in Famitsu Magazine and described as a Cuttlefish Game we had to look up why – Glyph Quest has little to nothing to do with seafood!  Turns out it’s a phrase in Japanese. Dried Cuttlefish is a dish that tastes better the more you chew it , so our game was one that got better the more you play it.  It’s a mantra we want to carry with all of our games” – Leanne

We Heart Dragons are available to hire for design documentation, concept prototyping and pitch building. With over 30 years design experience across indie, AAA, on mobile, console, VR, with new IP and working with brands – if you have an idea for a game, we can help you develop it.


What we do:

High Level Concept – from the very first “wouldn’t it be cool if?” to a structured breakdown of the game experience and core loops – where the fun is and why people will want to play it.

Documentation – Game Design Documents, UX flow diagrams, UI layout, spread sheets galore. The blue prints you need to build your game from, just add programers, artists, sound design and testers.

Prototyping – want to test out that “wouldn’t it be cool if?” idea? We can build it! With 8 years Unity experience, theres no game idea we can’t test drive – in 2D, 3D or VR. If you’re after a proof of concept or a demo for your pitch let us know.

Consultation – already have an idea for a game or a demo and want an experienced pair of eyes to look it over? Were here to help!

What we have done:

Our softography and a selection of the studios we have worked for/with.


If any of this sounds like the kind of thing you are looking for then get in touch! Contact Leanne@weheartdragons.com or Alex@weheartdragons.com