The Team

Who are we and why do we like dragons so much?

We Heart Dragons is the award winning * micro indie games studio of Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley.  Alex and Leanne started making games together in 2013, they chose the name We Heart Dragons after using it as their team name for the Global Game Jam that year.

Alex Trowers (@bulkpaint)

Alex started out making games for a little known studio called Bullfrog, following Bullfrog Alex worked for a number of studios including EA, Black Rock and Boss Alien before starting up We Heart Dragons.

If Alex isn’t making or playing games you can probably find him talking about making or playing games.  He heads up the code side of We Heart Dragons, but if you ask him he’ll tell you he’s a designer who can code and not the other way round.


Leanne Bayley (@_ikouyo)


Leanne has wanted to make games since completing Final Fantasy VII in 1997, to that end she studied 3D Computer Visualisation and Animation at Bournemouth and after a stint working in management for GAME she joined her first games studio as a Designer and later, Creative Producer.

Now Leanne is one half of We Heart Dragons and responsible for the art, design, production, marketing, business and more.  There’s many hats to share between two people!


*It was for the Develop Game Jam 2015.  Totally counts, we have a trophy and everything.